Serve at OTC

otc Kids/youth

Our missions is to help kids grow in their relationship with God and others, and serve their world.

Help us create a safe, fun environment that is age-appropriate, Bible-based, and relevant to kids’ lives.

0-2.5 Years Helper          0-2.5 Years Teacher

2.5 - 4 Years Helper          2.5 - 4 Years Teacher

PreK - 1st Grade Helper          PreK - 1st Grade Teacher

2nd - 3rd Grade Helper          2nd - 3rd Grade Teacher

4th - 5th Grade Helper          4th - 5th Grade Teacher

Junior High Helper          Junior High Teacher

High School Helper          High School Teacher


worship team

Vocalist          Musician

Sound Tech         Powerpoint

welcome/hospitality team

Tell your friends and family about these threatened places. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

Bring Snacks on a Sunday          Set up Snack Table

Serve Communion          Be a Greeter


small groups

Lead a Group          Host a Group at Home


prayer team

Sunday Prayer          Midweek Prayer


setup/tear down team

Help Setup          Help Tear Down