YWAM Outreach - India

Below is an update of Joshua and the ministry he is leading in India.


July 2019:

Next week I'll be teaching in Mumbai DTS. then the third week of this month (22-26) I'll be teaching in Lucknow DTS (Uttar Pradesh). this is the first DTS in that city in UP. Your support is helping me to be able to travel to far and remote places and teach the Word of God. Usually it takes one week for me to travel to those places by train and buses and another week for teaching. But the last couple of years, the OTC's support is helping me to cut short my traveling days. I could fly to these places in two days and be able to teach. i really want to thank you for all your prayers and financial support. The local bible study in a church that I had mentioned earlier, is growing. every week we get a few people from other churches ,too attending the bible study.

Thank you,

Joshua GS