YWAM Outreach - India

Below is an update of Joshua and the ministry he is leading in India as of August 2018


I just got back from my Indore DTS teaching trip.  We had a powerful time.  I taught in DTS for a week on Holy Spirit.  I also ministered the word among the Teenagers from leprosy background.  Indore YWAM do ministry among the lepers.  They bring kids from them and educate them and also teach them the bible.  I had the opportunity to minister to them one day.  Also I ministered the word one evening among all the Indore YWAM Ministry leaders.  God moved powerfully some healings, and some prophecies.  The people were very encouraged. 

I’m planning to run a two week seminar on How to Prepare and Preach Sermons among them.  It will be by November or in Feb next year.  They requested me to run this seminar. 

This December 20-24 I’ll be teaching in Chronological Bible Core Course (CBCC), the book of Revelation.  A team from outside India pioneering this course in Bangalore YWAM. 

Also I’ll be preaching in a church in Bangalore one morning during that time there.  Please do continue to remember these things in your ministry.  Although I’ve taught Revelation 5 times, still the book is a mystery to me.  Now I spend nearly 6 hours everyday studying the book.  I’m learning more things, and seeing more which I didn’t see before.  It is quite a challenging book, as there are so many weird understanding of the book.  There are a lot of people here india, teaching the book with multiple interpretations, weird ideas.  We get students in SBS from the influence of these teachings.  Whenever I teach the book, I face some very valid hard questions from the students.  Lot of time, I tell them I don’t know.  Please pray that God would increase my understanding and relevance of the truth presented in the book.  Thank you once again for all your prayers and support.