Bible Resources and Questions

Read God's Word

Which Version of the Bible is Best? (PDF)

Listen to God’s Word


Daily Reading Plans and Devotionals

Bible Reading Plans
Printable Reading Bible Plan(PDF)
Devotionals (Bible + application)

Overviews of Bible Books and Themes

The Bible Project (short videos)

How to Study the Bible

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (book)
How to Read the Bible Book by Book (book)
Bible Training Seminars (training)
Blue Letter Bible (online tools)

New Testament Resources

An Introduction to the New Testament (book)
New Testament Timeline (PDF)
Jesus’ Arrest, Death, Resurrection in the Four Gospels (PDF)

Old Testament Resources

Genesis and Evolution (PDF)
Dating the Exodus (PDF)
Relationship of the Old Testament to the New Testament (PDF)
An Introduction to the Old Testament: Second Edition (book)
Old Testament Timeline (PDF)
History of Salvation from Old Testament to New Testament (PDF)


Reasons to Believe the Resurrection (short video - Abdu Murray)
Reasons to Believe the Resurrection (short video - Gary Habermas)
Reasons to Believe the Resurrection (long video - Gary Habermas)
Has Science Buried God? (video)
God and the Origin of the Universe (video)
Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution (video)
Fine-Tuning and the Origin of the Universe (video)
Questions about the Bible (videos)
RZIM (videos)
Ask Away (podcast)
Reasonable Faith (videos)
Unbelievable: Conversations between Christians and Skeptics (videos)

The Reliability of the Bible

What about the Lost Books of the Bible? (video)
Who decided which books were included in the Bible? (article)
Why were the ‘lost gospels’ not included in the Bible? (article)
What about the apocrypha? (article)
Jesus and the Gnostic gospels (article)
Journey from Texts to Translations, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable? (book)
Canon Revisited: Establishing the Origins and Authority of the New Testament Books (book)

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